Ready to ReOpen

With so much uncertainty in the hospitality industry at the moment you would be forgiven for being concerned about how you will re open your business when the government deems it ok to do so. You would also be forgiven for being concerned that a lot of the governing bodies are talking about large chain business and how they are going to re open and not looking at the most important (in my opinion), sector of the industry and thats the independent business owner. I have been on webinars with design companies, large manufacturers and business leaders talking about how their sector is still operational and how they have had to make some changes but in general the business is ok. Well I'm happy for them all and I think it's great that these businesses can carry on trading but how are we addressing the independent and why are we not talking to people within that sector and industry leaders to try and give them help and support for when they can open the doors. There is no point in looking at business that is still operational and trading we need to be looking at the businesses out there that have had to close their doors and become take aways until further notice, how are we helping them and giving advice on best practise. I did hear one thing on a webinar which I thought was perfect and that was in this time we should be looking at supporting and not selling trying to help these businesses come out the other end. The independent market is the life bloody of the industry bringing us new offerings and concepts that the chains can then follow. They are also in some cases the new chains of the future.

With all of this in mind we would like to start a forum to help independent hospitality businesses in any way we can. Should that be with free advice or maybe finding the right equipment at the right price or even helping to see how the footprint of your venue can be changed at minimum cost to get the doors open. We want to see you thrive when you can open again and also try and help you hold on to your business during this time.

We will add a forum page to the website in the members area so please do sign up and get involved.

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