Ready to Trade Reports

Over the last month or so I have been concerned with 2 things that seem to be hitting the internet. Firstly is the amount of people that are now experts or coaches and can grow your business when really want they are selling you is click funnels and where this is fine I have an issue with people selling click funnels through click funnels and there is no expertise or real result to business at the end. Secondly and more importantly I have been reading reports on how to be ready for when the doors to your hospitality business open again. This is great news that people out there are spending time to write reports to help and support business oh no but wait...there is no information in any of them, there is no possible idea's of what people could be doing now for when they can open the doors. There is no information on what the distancing roles will be etc. If you think about every hospitality venue only a very small number of these are square shape that can look at booth style, there are old vintage pubs that have small walk ways and small rooms all linked will that work and also what will the cost be, will the government look at a booth system that works and agree a price so that businesses that have managed to service on what was in the bank or loans don't have to get more money to refurb their business only to be told at some point in the future that they can be removed once more.

This is starting to read like a rant and maybe part of it is but I'm sick of reading for ages to get nothing back. So here's the idea, you send me a drawing of your site with entrance, toilet, bar and other important information and as new details come in about opening we can work on how you can get open and trade at a minimum cost with regards to materials and install. I want nothing for this I just want to see you open, We can then find the correct supplier and get all sorted once all agreed.

If you want us to have a look and remember we are doing this for nothing so your not going to get plans back etc its going to be support over the phone and a possible drawing done on paper that we can give to supplier to get quoted. We will need measurements of course so that we can look at social distancing etc as and when the government give us more information. Please contact us on

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